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      Codes. Bonuses.Prices

Codes and symbols:
(Šiliņš, 1999) - author and the year of name;
S - upper petal; F - lower petal; B - beard;
(6.95) - unit price in LVL;
POP-2004 - Popularity champion in Latvian exhibitions in 2004
SEL-2004 - Latvian varieties champion in Latvian exhibitions in 2004.

DB - Dwarf bearded, flower in May, height ~ 20-40cm.

IB - Intermediate bearded – in height (35-70 cm),  flower size and the flowering period is between dwarf and tall bearded irises - begins to flower already in early June and with its fantastic colour rainbow outperform other spring flowers. Agrotechnique is similar to that of the tall bearded irises. Particularly suitable for decorative planting.

BB - Border bearded.- irises are lower in height (height of 40-70 cm), suitable for ornamental plantings in outer edges (along the walkways, lawns, with wintergreen groups). Stem is firm and persistent, even in the most adverse conditions. Begins to bloom little later after IB (usually in June).

TB - Tall bearded, stem height is 70cm-100cm or more, with large flowers, blossoms in June.
Miniature TB - 70 cm.

HTB - Horned Tall bearded. This group has been divided from TB in recent years, adding name “Horned” (Horned IRIS) or "Spooned" (Spooned IRIS), or "Space" (Space) or even "Sexy" (Sexy) Irises. The distinction lies in interesting beard formation, which gradually moves as hook knob, bends from the lower petal, forming a horn '1-5 cm in length. Sometimes, this horn transforms in spoon kind of petals!

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Agris seedlings in Raimond`s garden.
Iris on field
We have sufficiently some varieties...
Intermediate iris in the end of May.
Blooming iris in January. We know how to do it...